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Charm & Chain is an online jewelry boutique based in downtown Manhattan, founded by Ali Galgano in 2008. Our goal is to give you access to pieces from our favorite emerging and established designers, without the high retail markups that have frustrated us for years. We see jewelry as wearable art, whether it’s a pair of eye-catching, oversized earrings that turns a t-shirt and jeans into a chic style statement, or a necklace that adds a flash of color to an otherwise black and white affair.What you’ll find as you browse around the site is an ever-changing, curated collection of jewelry from the designers that inspire us. We love jewelry across a wide spectrum of styles, price points, and wearing occasions, and have built Charm & Chain to reflect that, and become the internet's go-to site for contemporary jewelry. We offer over 1000 different products from over 30 designers ranging in price from $40 to $600.

Charm & Chain truly attracts all types of women, both geographically and demographically. To ship to a CEO in Australia and a soccer mom in San Antonio in the same day is quite common. Our collection offers a broad spectrum of statement styles from shocking to sophisticated and everything in between. We do seem to appeal primarily to young professional women from ages 25 to 55, but we have a significant amount of spillover on either side.

Our company's belief is that the right jewelry can take a basic wardrobe and transform it into something spectacular. What differentiates Charm & Chain from other websites is our selectivity. We only sell jewelry. We are extremely conscientious buyers--our goal is always to present a comprehensive, but not overwhelming, selection of styles and colors of jewelry to address the variable tastes of our clients. While we certainly understand and follow the latest trends, we really look for pieces with that "je ne sais quoi" feel—fashionable jewelry with pleasing eccentricity. We also recognize that jewelry is only one part of a woman’s expression of style—from Charm & Chain we hope that women may find that perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Date posted: Aug 19th, 2012

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