Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA with Vitamin D3, 2 oz

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Dietary Supplement Omega-3 Supplement Made from 100% Arctic Cod Livers Supports brain and visual development* Purity Freshness - 3rd Party Tested No Added Flavor Natural Triglyceride Form Pharmaceutical Grade* - Molecularly Distilled During a baby s first year their brain will more than double in size. DHA is the primary building block of brain tissue. Adequate intake of DHA is essential for proper brain development, and remains necessary throughout life to maintain brain health* Nordic Naturals Baby s DHA is made from 100% Arctic Cod Liver oil, and is naturally high in the omega-3 DHA. DHA Infant is essential for developing babies, and contains healthy levels of vitamins A and D. Brain and visual development* Healthy immunity* Healthy nervous system development* Nordic Naturals has always used 100% Arctic Cod livers in our Cod Liver Oil formulas - no

Date posted: Jul 19th, 2015

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